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I will never forget the day I become a DODGER FAN. I was in kindergarten and I remember my teacher wearing a dodger shirt to school for opening day. At the time the most important thing to me was my mom, coloring, playing Tonka trucks in the dirt and eating everything in my Grandmas refrigerator! But the day I became a DODGER FAN it was love at first sight. I remember getting my first dodger hat from Zody’s (the Walmart of my day). Man this hat was awesome!. It had the most perfect two letters on it LA. I slept each night with my hat next to me with my bat and glove and would always trace the letters with my fingers thinking to myself..WOW L.A means LOS ANGELES! I thought I was the smartest kid in the world because I figured this out! LOL The color of this hat was royal blue and I would always do my best to let my classmate know that BLUE is my favorite color. That hat and the Dodgers become a new found part of me and was truly my first experience in feeling CONFIDENCE, PASSION and PRIDE.

The very first game I watched was during the 1981 Season and all I remember is FERNANDO MANIA. In the grandmas backyard me and my best friend Tony would fight over who was FERNANDO #34 and at times wouldn’t start a game until one of us decided to be PEDRO GUERERRO instead. We would play baseball for hours and hours and would finish the night looking at and lining up our Dodger baseball cards. These were some of the best moments as a kid and each year the start of baseball season brings back that childlike spirit that baseball love right back into my heart! GO DODGERS! 

I’m Victor Palomares and I BLEED LA DODGER BLUE!


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