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Victor Palomares
“To get the things on the higher shelf of life you must stand on the books you read!”-VJP
I am a Kindergarten Teacher, Literacy Educator, Entrepreneur and Book Devouring Sports Fanatic! MY ROCKING BOOK REVIEWS, SPORTS NEWS AND ULTIMATE MISSION TO HELP YOU RULE! “Positively changing lives each day, every conversation and ONE book at a time!”-Victor Palomares My Mission: My objective and mission in life is to help my classroom studenst and others find what their dream goal is and get more aligned with their personal calling in life. The reason I care so much about this because of my personal years of depression, pessimism and anxiety during my childhood and teen years. The only thing that saved me and allowed me to find my personal calling and definite purpose was reading and writing. If it wasn’t for books and the stroke of my pen I would be a lost soul. I have found my confident self through the stories of others who have struggled and overcome. Because of these amazing stories I have taken their victory as hope for me too. The same voices that use to tell me to give up and quit have now held my hand with hope and optimism. If I can pay this forward to you than my day is complete and my heart beats with more passion to keep on doing what I love which is; read, write, reflect and inject my positive experience to YOU! Enjoy!

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Oct 24, 2011 at 1:58 pm

hey Rafael! hope all is well! please go see my grandma Frankie who works in the office and give her your first and last name and i will give it to her to give to you! Add me on facebook and lets keep in contact! Victor Palomares



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