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Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green Party, Tea Party, PIZZA PARTY, HOUSE PARTY! Take your choice of parties to attend. I CHOOSE DREAM PARTY with some pizza and a cool funky hat! Nothing to take away from the intentions and passion of all these organizations and groups but when will we be a country of RESPONSIBILITY not ENTITLEMENT? No I say this to YOU as I say this to MYSELF. I have come from a family of Kennedy/Clinton Democrats and if anyone is to walk in my grandma’s house wearing a VIVA REPUBLICAN SHIRT and Ronald Reagan cowboy hat my grandma will immediately throw a bowl of her famous spaghetti at you! I love people of passion and have even had the privilege to meet President Bill Clinton many years ago during one of his events but have come to the conclusion that “FOR IT TO BE ITS UP TO ME!” Now ask yourself this…Are you waiting around for someone to start your DREAM PARTY or are you yelling at OBAMA TO SAVE YOUR MAMA? If you are waiting for Obama to come to your house for dinner to deliver your family’s dreams and he is coming. PLEASE let me know..I’ll bring the spaghetti! ;-) LIVE YOUR DREAM, START NOW! NOW! ;-) VP


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