Shout Out to My Champion Empowerment Students! Success Session #1 Vision of Victory Statements

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Here is a shout out to my Empowerment Students from Avance!

Much Love and Respect to you World Changers, Leaders, Innovators and Legacy Creators!

I have read all of your Vision Statements and they are AWESOME! I will be collecting them in our next VISION EMPOWERMENT SESSION and will provide any feedback you are open to.

Here is a general blueprint I have learned and followed from my most successful mentors/coaches and I would love to share it with you!

4 Steps to Your Vision for Victory Statement!

1. See it and Stamp it in your brain!
Pick a date it will take place. Envision 3-5 years from now!
2. Feel it!
Write at as a narrative in present tense. Say “I love how it feels to live in Malibu. I love getting my Masters at USC! I love helping so many people as a doctor! Be sensory and descriptive! SEE I,T HEAR IT, TASTE IT, TOUCH IT, FEEL I,T SMELL IT, FEEL YOUR SUCCESS!
3. Live it!
Walk in an attitude of gratitude! BE DO HAVE. They say fake it…I SAY BAKE IT till you MAKE IT! Create habits of actions and use these as ingredients to “baking your dream”! Doing this each day will get you closer to your dream! Everyday DO 3 “ingredients of action” each and every day! As one of my mentors Paul J. Meyer once said “Enthusiasm is the yeast that raises the dough!”
4. Love it!
This is a love letter to you! Post it, carry it, hold it, kiss it! Read it 2 times daily. Once in the morning and once before bed! Saturate your mind in your dream and you will wake up to it being reality! Much Love!

Kindergarten CEO
Victor J. Palomares
Career Empowerment Coach, Classroom Educator, Teen Empowerment Speaker

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending!”

Don’t be alarmed by the harsh words! This man has mentored some of the most influential and positively contributing teachers, mentors, and millionaires of the world! Watch and Listen for the Lesson about learning what you can NOW! SEE YOU SOON! VP


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