My name is Victor Palomares and I am a Kindergarten Teacher, writer, entreprenuer and sports fanatic. My #1 goal is to leave and be a positive impression to millions of children, teens and adults lives.

My purpose is to give people the personal power and passion in which was given to me through adversity, books, children, experience, family, sports, health, GOD & HOPE! ;-)

My goal is to prepare children and young adults for a journey of life long learning and success. Whether you are 5 or 75 learning never ends. We must work together to prepare these children to have a future of much success and accomplishment. With faith, belief, vision and hard work your child will be a CHAMPION to society. Your child is the worlds future Doctors, Lawyers, Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses, Mayors, Senators, Business Owners and Presidents!

Lets lock arms and POSITIVELY CHANGE THIS WORLD! ;-)

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